Spyware Terminator 2017

Free download
License shareware
File Size (MB) 9.24 MB
Version 2017
Date Released March 15, 2017 5:11 pm
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


In the modern world of computer and internet, it is most essential to save your private information from being accessed by unauthorized users. Hackers keep on finding new methods to attack vulnerabilities of your system and retrieve information that they want. Spyware Terminator is an effective tool for dealing with this major issue and to keep hackers away from accessing your personal data. It finds all the suspicious files on your system that can be harmful and shows detailed report so you can remove them.


Spyware Terminator 2017 provides great protection from spyware. The real time shield protection immediately lets you know of any issues. The database is updated frequently to add definitions for newly discovered spyware and to make your software more effective against them. It can perform automatic scan to find malware and enables you to use your system conveniently. The scanning process is done at a very fast speed. It is very much popular software among the worldwide users and is available in many languages.


• Free Spyware Removal.
• Free Automatic Updates.
• Free Scheduled Scans.
• AntiVirus Integration.
• Fast spyware scanning.
• 100% real-time protection
• Bank, shop and download securely.
• Get daily updates against spyware threats.
• Prevent security breaches and intrusion.
• Includes real-time protection and HIPS.
• Perform on demand and scheduled scans.
• Enjoy safe and uninterrupted gaming.


Spyware Terminator 2017 is a paid computer application and its actual price is $39.95 USD for a whole year. However if you are not willing to purchase the license immediately, you can give a try to its free trial version that consists of less features but it will help you understand the working of the software. During the installation process of the software, there will be suggestions of other free tools too, so you need to be careful in order to avoid installation of unrequired applications.


User Interface:
The graphical user interface of Spyware Terminator consists of the following three tabs: Main, Scan and Tools.


The main tab displays the basic information about the status of the software. It shows the license type and its activation. The protection status shows the list of functions it can perform and you can turn them on or off with ease. Here you can enable antivirus protection, real time protection, automatic updates, high priority updates and automatic scan. News and tips are also visible on the main screen to help users with suggestions of more helpful software.


The users can scan their systems for checking the presence of malware by selecting the type of scan. Fast scan scans the most critical sections of system; Full scan thoroughly scans all the sections, files and data, while the Custom scan lets you choose particular files and data that you want to scan. You can view the reports after each scan and can enable the automatic scan and updates for the software.


The Spyware Terminator Tools include unstable browser add-on scanner, startup tuner, virtual keyboard, bloatware scan, 24/7 support, PC optimizer, safety optimizer, online backup, default system settings, system restore, analyze file and hard file remover. You can read the information, category and description of the working of each tool and can check the version number of your software.


Other Options:
The users can also customize settings, activate license, visit quarantine section, check updates and can go to the Help and About sections with additional tools.






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